Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Communicore Weekly: The Musical

Our good friends over at Communicore Weekly wanted us to let you know about their brand new musical extravaganza. George, one half of the Communicore team, is the planner for mine and Ashley's honeymoon to Walt Disney World later this year, and threatened to hole us up in a broom closet in an offsite budget motel unless we posted this, so here you are... For the first time ever, hear the true origin story of how Jeff and George were brought together to face the biggest threat that the Disney theme parks, and the universe, has ever faced: Michael Eisner!

Through the use of patent-pending time travel technology, Communicore Weekly was able to obtain an episode of the radio broadcast “Theater On The Move” from the year 2215. In this episode, they are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Communicore Weekly: The Musical, and have brought the actors playing the pivotal roles of Jeff and George onto the show to discuss the lavish anniversary production and to share the music of the show.

Featuring all-new, all original songs from Amplify This Music (better known as the Communicore Weekly Orchestra), Communicore Weekly: The Musical will have you in stitches when you’re not tapping your feet along to the catchy tunes. On top of that, Disney Legends Rolly Crump and Bob Gurr both lend their voices to the Musical. However, the role of Michael Eisner is NOT actually played by Michael Eisner, contrary to popular belief.

“In the two years we’ve being doing it, we’ve really tried to make Communicore Weekly not just one of the most unique Disney podcasts, but one of the most unique podcasts out there, period. I’ve never heard of a podcast producing an entire musical before. Since we’ve always been a very musical show, it was a natural progression for us to actually produce a musical,” says Jeff Heimbuch, co-writer of the musical.

“Writing the music for the show is always a lot of fun, because the guys come up with some pretty crazy ideas. When faced with the challenge of writing original songs that fit into this ridiculous story, I absolutely could not turn it down. Plus, George is my brother, so it would have been really awkward if I had said no,” says Andrew Taylor, co-writer and musical genius.

“I like turtles,” says George Taylor, co-writer, “But I hate squirrels.” No squirrels or Disney cast members were harmed during the production of the musical.

“My lawyer said I’m not allowed to comment,” says Steve Williard, co-writer and another musical genius.

Following in the footsteps of some of the greatest Disney films, by pairing a great story with fantastic music, Communicore Weekly: The Musical is sure to entertain people of all ages.

Communicore Weekly: The Musical is available now on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, and more. For more information, visit http://www.communicoreweekly.com. You might also want to listen to the prequel, on Communicore Weekly's 2nd season finale: http://youtu.be/ezg6irbc74U.

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