Sunday, 16 August 2015


At the D23 Expo, Walt Disney Feature Animation unveiled their next film: a version of Jack and the Beanstalk called "Gigantic"! In honour of this, we're holding a contest for the best new title for one of Disney's classic animated films. But here's the rule: the new title must be one word, and that one word must be an adjective!

You see our example above, now have at it! To enter, leave a comment on this post with the name of the movie you're retitling and its new title. If you want to get creative, feel free to post a link to your movie poster masterpiece or e-mail it to us via Cory's Blogger profile. Enter as many times as you want, and spread the word!

The winning entry will be posted on Sunday, September 6th (after we get back from our vacation!). The contest may be GIGANTIC but there is a small prize for the winner.


  1. Oh. OH. You have asked for it, my friend.

    Shortly before Frozen came out, my sister and I were in a snarky mood and played a game where we substituted the title of EVERY FILM IN THE DISNEY ANIMATED CANON TO DATE with a one-word adjective. I don't remember the entire list anymore, but the point is, I have *practice*. I'll see if I have the chops to create posters--if not, I'm just gonna start inundating you with text entries. Prepare yourself!

  2. Sounds like a great idea, Cory, so here's my offering. The Little Mermaid would be far more marketable as 'Legless'. (In case it's an expression that hasn't crossed the pond, it's a UK term for being slightly the worse for wear for drink).

  3. Sadly, the drive to create posters never came. So without further ado...THE LIST.

    You were kind enough to start us off, so...

    Experience the heartwarming story of the puppet who just wanted to be a real boy in Disney's UNSTRUNG.

    See sound and hear color in the musical spectacular, SYMPHONIC.

    You will believe an elephant can fly when a "magic" feather takes one special circus performer ALOFT.

    Based on Felix Salten's paean to the natural world, a young deer comes of age and grows to become ANTLERED.

    (Skipping most of the package era...)

    It's two for one! A classic of English literature and a classic of American literature come to life in Disney's FABULOUS.

    Enjoy the most beloved fairy tale of all time, about a girl who goes from rags to riches, and all because she is VIRTUOUS.

    Fall down the rabbit hole with Alice as she discovers what makes her imagination WONDERFUL.

    Wendy Darling was afraid she would be forced to grow up until the day a magical boy literally flew into her life and she was DUSTED.

    And then there's Lady, a complacent middle-class ingenue of a cocker spaniel until the smooth-talking Tramp led her ASTRAY.

    Hail to the Princess Aurora! And thrill to her tale as everyone except her does something about the fact that at her birth, she was tragically CURSED.

    The snark is starting to come through a little too strongly. Time for a break, I think.

  4. PART 2

    How many designer dogs can one vain woman steal? Find out in SPOTTED.

    Before he was England's most legendary ruler, he was a simple young boy with an eccentric wizard tutor. You'd never guess the Wart was DESTINED.

    Where does a Man-cub really belong? Bagheera the panther thinks it's the Man-village, but Mowgli would rather remain FERAL.

    Duchess and her kittens have been abandoned in the French countryside! Can they trust this gadabout alley cat to get them home where they'll be PAMPERED?

    Olde Englande and its greatest folk hero have never looked like this! Robin Hood may be a literal sly fox and Prince John a cowardly lion, but they're all still MERRIE.

    The Rescue Aid Society is an ancient organization. But can mere mice really succeed in finding and rescuing a small girl who has been ABDUCTED?

    Winnie-the-Pooh is a silly old bear who just wants his hunny. No matter how you look at it, this greedy but harmless soul is STUFFED.

    Can a fox and a hunting hound really be friends? Or were they born to hate each other? Find out in Disney's INSTINCTIVE.

    Taran may only be an Assistant Pig-Keeper, but he has dreams of greater things. When the evil Horned King makes his move, he finds his life becomes maybe a bit *too* ADVENTUROUS.

    No matter how deep the mystery or nefarious the deed, Basil of Baker Street finds unraveling the puzzle to be...ELEMENTARY.

    Once upon a time in New York City...a lonely kitten fell in with a group of savvy dogs and their destitute pet man. But is his true home with them, or with the rich little girl who loves him? It's all so very...DICKENSIAN.

    Ariel is a mermaid who dreams of visiting the human world. What will she risk in order to win the love of a human prince? See what happens when a child of the water ends up BEACHED.

    The Rescue Aid Society is back! This time they're headed to the Land Down Under to save a plucky boy before he--and the giant eagle eggs he is sworn to defend--end up POACHED.

    Belle loves her books...especially the fairy tales about young maidens meeting Prince Charming. But when she discovers hers in a spooky Gothic castle, he turns out to be rather...BEASTLY.

    Aladdin's sad hand-to-mouth existence came to a screeching halt when the sorcerer Jafar sent him into the Cave of Wonders after a mysterious old lamp. Suddenly Aladdin faces a dilemma: betray his principles or lose out on his only chance for a better life? He can't have both unless he finds a solution that's truly INGENIOUS.

    Time for another break? Yeah...

    1. Lol... Your lists are great!

    2. Thank you! I don't love all of them. Some come across more forced than others, I think.

  5. Karalora won hands-down, in fact UNSTRUNG sounds like something I expect to be announced for real.

    That said, I'm still partial to my new name for BAMBI: SHOT.

  6. Last batch! I have to leave for work in a bit, so no time for cutesy little blurbs.

    The Lion King: USURPED

    Pocahontas: NATIVE

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame: DEFORMED

    Hercules: HEROIC


    Tarzan: DISCOVERED

    Fantasia 2000: REARRANGED

    Dinosaur: PREHISTORIC

    The Emperor's New Groove: HOOVED

    Atlantis the Lost Empire: SUNKEN

    Lilo and Stitch: ALIEN

    Treasure Planet: TREASURED

    Brother Bear: TRANSFORMED

    Home on the Range: BOVINE

    Chicken Little: FALLEN

    Meet the Robinsons: FUTURISTIC

    Bolt: MISSING

    The Princess and the Frog: AMPHIBIOUS

    Big Hero Six: UPGRADED